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“Dear Doctor!

I feel very lucky and grateful that I had my surgery with you. They put prostheses in both hips at the same time and I am recovering very nicely.

I often remember how kindly Dr Csilla Szalai came to see me after the operation, and I did not recognise her without a mask and reacted in a somewhat dazed way. I was very upset that I could not express my gratitude for her wonderful work, as she kept me under a stable anaesthetic throughout the operation and her outstanding expertise kept me safe throughout.

Thanks and respect also go to him for his very humane, empathetic and gentle expressions. I was not at all afraid of the surgery, thanks to you and Flora. The atmosphere in the operating theatre was particularly good, which I also look back on with very good feelings.

I am infinitely grateful, and you are very welcome:”

Dr. R.Á.

„The care here is incredibly professional. My doctor treated me with the utmost care and very high professionalism – all the time empathetically, for which I thank him! The hospital’s facilities are unique, they went through all the tests in one day: lab, ultrasound, coronary CT, MRI – elsewhere it would have taken months to get an appointment at different places! I can only thank you for everything, the whole team is excellent!


„I worked in a hospital for 12 years…but this! Everything here was perfect, the care, the kindness of the staff made recovery easy.”

V-B. A-né (88)
hip replacement surgery

I would also like to thank my anaesthetist for the attention and empathy he showed me during my operation. Although I had some fears about the surgery, especially because I had never had anaesthesia before, and also because of my claustrophobia and kidney disease, Dr Rugonfalvi handled all my problems very well.

M.ZS. (54)

„The helpfulness of the doctors, nurses and the kindness of all the staff was fantastic.”

Dr. S.A.-né
hip replacement surgery

„I can’t think of anything that would make your stay here more perfect. Everything was flawless.”

K. E.
hip replacement surgery

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