What can I use the WMC Gift Card for?

The cardholder can use any outpatient service of the Wáberer Medical Center up to the limit loaded on the card.

Where can I buy the Gift Card?

At the reception of the Wáberer Medical Center.

HillSide Office Building, 1st floor
1123 Budapest, Alkotás street 55-61.

What values of health cards are available?

The Gift Card can be loaded with any amount between HUF 10 000 – 1 000 000. The Gift Card cannot be reloaded.

The current balance of the card can be checked on wmc.hu/giftcard.

How long is the Gift Card valid?

The Gift Card is valid for one year from the date of recharge.

What happens if I lose my card?

Unfortunately, if the card is lost or stolen, it is not possible to block the card.

What happens if the uploaded amount is not used?

The card is non-redeemable and no cash payments can be made from the amount loaded.

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1123 Budapest,
Alkotás street 55-61.
+36 1 323 7000
  • Monday 06:30-20:00
  • Tuesday 06:30-20:00
  • Wednesday 06:30-20:00
  • Thursday 06:30-20:00
  • Friday 06:30-20:00