You know that I often talk about prevention, because self-care is more important than ever. Unfortunately, we have no control over some of our health, which is why it is so important that we do all we can in the areas where we have control. One of the most common problems affecting women’s health is cervical cancer. In Hungary, 1,500 cases are detected every year, many of which are already at an incurable stage, even though regular screening could prevent or cure the disease. Infertility is also a problem that affects many people, and its remedy is a much more direct route. Nevertheless, it is important to detect it early and to receive complex screening and treatment if necessary. We spoke to Dr. Robert Koiss, gynaecologist-oncologist at Wáberer Medical Center, about the importance of prevention and the possibilities it offers. It is important to get this information to as many women as possible, as screening and proper care can save lives.

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